a song of maybe

maybe someday i’ll sing you a song

if my music and lyrics

can both get along

maybe i’m right

or maybe i’m wrong

that my mouth and my mind

won’t link up for long

maybe you’re lovely

and maybe i’m plain

maybe i’ll drown

in the wind and the rain

maybe i’m honest

but maybe i lie

maybe i’m rude or

just terribly shy

maybe i’m grumpy

and maybe you’re nice

maybe we’d fizzle

like fire and ice

maybe i’m foolish

and maybe you’re wise

maybe my words

are a curse in disguise

maybe you’re fettered

and maybe i’m free

maybe we clash

like the sand and the sea

maybe you’re funny

and maybe i’m not

maybe my punchline

was better forgot

maybe you’re witty

maybe you’re kind

maybe i love you

because of your mind

maybe my guessing

has gone on too long

maybe my maybes

were never a song