fancy frayed

i’ve imagined a tomorrow —

a whole series of them, in fact

suited for illustration

in comical pen and ink

to be sold for $20 a print

and hung on the walls

of the living rooms

of a set smarter

than i subscribe to —

and it is charming

with a cherry-red door

one million musty books

and a cat as big

as a baby lion

a pepper pot

and a salt shaker

you and i disguised

as crockery or glassware

quite content in our

glorious mundanity.

i say tomorrow

and i say imagined

but i could say forever

and not at all;

i could say dreamed

and destroyed

by wrecking ball.

i say suited for illustration —

caricature might

be more apt a description

of the eviction notices

i’ve served myself

in this regard. i say

smarter than i

and tell the truth

in essentials while

leaving the details fuzzy.

showing too much

is the artist’s downfall;

i’ll be a thurber bloodhound

gazing at a daisy

mournful that its petals

have been snatched

out of my greedy teeth.

i’ve imagined a tomorrow —

i keep hoping to wake up

and remember

it was only all a dream.


4 thoughts on “fancy frayed

  1. Mostly awesome. A few of the lines jar against your brevity – “Glorious mundanity” sticks out like a sore thumb – but I really like how your poem stresses active images over abstract content for the most part. It lets me play. Nicely done!

    • thanks! i appreciate the constructive criticism; i haven’t had much of that since college poetry writing classes, and it’s helpful to be told where the weak links in my word chains are.

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