verbal adversity

i wanted to say something to you,

which was ‘let’s talk some time —

about anything, or nothing”

but i realized that wouldn’t work

because all the witty things

i’d planned in advance

start to unravel when it’s

time for saying them

and i am left limp,

muttering inanities

under my breath.

why is the presence

of your intellect the

seeming death of mine?

we have such pretty

conversations in my mind,

but that’s only one letter

removed from petty and

the things i imagine i say

are more aptly described

that way. just look at me —

when i write i say too much;

when i talk i never say

anything at all.


One thought on “verbal adversity

  1. This sounds so much like me! I imagine the best conversations with that person where I say all the right things. But it ends ironically. I, the meticulous planner, end up standing there simply listening to them speak, forgetting all I had planned to say. *sigh* But about the actual poem, well done! You were spot-on. Keep it up! : )

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