rough poems

and the beauty behind
is what you can’t see
like the wind in the branches
that talks for the tree
or the motion that split
the shore from the sea …

what do you know?
what can you see?
what do you hear
that’s invisible to me?
what can you taste
in the silence of space?
what do you believe?

— — —

the more time i spend observing brilliantly creative people the more i’m convinced God allows them to experience a side of existence i will never know. at least, that i won’t know in this portion of life. and that’s okay.

because, while i might not see the beauty they see, or hear, or feel, or experience, i see them experiencing it. i get to experience them. maybe that sounds odd, but it’s a beautiful way to be reminded of how amazing God is, and that there’s so much more to Him than i can comprehend.