on occasion things happen that just make me want to say damn.

that thought would have horrified a younger me. probably.

but now it doesn’t. it just makes me wonder where the line is between wholesome and unwholesome words.

i can’t think of another word to describe these particular reactions. “shoot” might work, but i use shoot for lots of things.

i will say that for the british, “damn” isn’t as strong of a word as it seems to be for americans, meaning it’s not as offensive. most of my favorite british authors use “damn” a fair amount, although not every other word, either.

i’m all for preserving the strength of words by using them correctly to illustrate precisely what they mean. “damn” is indeed a strong, serious word.

but sometimes, it’s the only response i have.

i’m not sure whether that bothers me or not. or whether it should.