i love you mary richards

mary tyler moore’s character mary richards is a sort of topsy-turvy heroine of mine. she’s smart, funny, beautiful, dependable, far too nice for her own good and gets into one hilarious scrape after another. she waffles between being confident and being unsure of herself. she doesn’t always have the best ideas about things, nor does she always make the best decisions. she’s eager to help others and easily feels guilty about letting them down, so sometimes she lets people take advantage of her rather than saying no to something she’d rather not do.

for all her faults, though, she’s humble and fairly optimistic, and, at the end of the day, is (usually) able to patch things up with rhoda or murray or ted or mr. grant.

she’s a journalist who works in an office of mostly men.

the number of similarities between us is comical. maybe that’s why my mom said i remind her of mary.

it’s one comparison i’m oddly proud of.