a song in the night

little silent one

a father’s-foot-long

swimming alone

in the darkness

of your private ocean

you kick your legs

clasp, unclasp your hands

exploring quietly

the dim waters

you inhabit

rocked to sleep

by womb-waves

as your mother

walks the dusty roads

around her home


at the miracle

she carries within

then a voice calls

not your mother’s

lulling alto

nor your months-mute

father loosed of tongue

an unfamiliar voice

yet a voice

that carries life itself!

suddenly your silent sea

resounds with sound

and your darkened dreamings

are flooded with soul-light

your eyes stare wide

your little mouth flies open

as the light finds rest

in your tiny racing heart


you sing in a language

beyond words


you spring up

on fire with joy


every particle alight

with praise

you run, you dance

you leap for gladness

and as you worship


the voice that

carries life

starts singing