firefly, and other observations

there was thunder and lightning last evening, and then — snow!

it was a loveliness this morning. robbie had a great time hopping about in it, and now the white expanse on our patio is pockmarked with paw prints.

and then i went to work and our building didn’t have power.

we continued not to have power for a good while, so i played a game of scrabble with two and then one of my coworkers. i’m improving; i only lost by 18 points this time. then another coworker and i had a game of darts with his magic magnetic set before talking about how the original typewriters weren’t electric (my romantic-nostalgic-luddite side was starting to assert itself by that time).

some of this had a soundtrack of miles davis, george gershwin, noel freidline, sondre lerche and over the rhine because an empty office is just too, too quiet sometimes.

i sat by myself in silence for a while and read bartlett’s familiar quotations. i read some of the lewis carroll excerpts out loud, though under my breath.

eventually the power came back on and all was serene.

midway through the day i was thinking about firefly, joss whedon’s tv series. or perhaps it was this evening; though i have the memory of an elephant regarding some matters i’ve already forgotten the time stamp for this one. that’s not important though — i was thinking about firefly because i was thinking about my friend roberta and how much she likes it and what female character she identifies with most. (don’t be creeped out, roberta — mostly i was thinking about shininess and your hat.)

after thinking a while i concluded i was probably most like river, just because we’ve both had people see the inside of our brains. isn’t that a weird thought?

before i remembered river, though, i though about zoe, mal reynold’s first mate on serenity, and what a cool character she is (plus she’s married to probably the sweetest dinosaur-loving ginger ever).

zoe is strong, no-nonsense, and not afraid to fight when she needs to.

and i thought, inside every quiet white girl there’s a kick-ass black woman just waiting to bust out.

then i remembered river and thought maybe insanity was more my style.

still. you gotta love zoe.

and snow.