snow days

here in kansas city we’ve had an odd winter, with many days being more spring-like than freezing cold (although there have been more of those than my nose and fingers have enjoyed). february, bless its short little heart, apparently decided to make up for its warm days and those of all its sister months by finally bringing us some snow.


last wednesday night and thursday we got twelve inches.


over the sunny weekend several inches of that melted, allowing people to rush madly out to the grocery to buy all the things they’d eaten up while house-bound in preparation for the next round of snow, which fell last night and throughout the day today.


robbie, short-legged fellow that he is, sank to his shoulders in the snow and had to hop around like a goat to get anywhere. a couple of days ago he was delighted to discover he could walk on the crusty surface that had formed after a few freezes and thaws. but when he ran … well, he floundered. and we laughed at his plight, poor woolly dear.


we’re apparently to get a couple more inches by tomorrow.