translation found

i sit here in the darkness

silent as the city noise

streams through my open window

this is not a night

of knowing what to say

so i stay speechless

struck dumb by what

i do not understand

i cannot fathom

that which is unfathomable

i cannot imagine

a bottomless pain

i cannot envision hell

to do its horror justice

human anguish alone

i cannot conquer

a Divine descent,

beyond conceiving

but —

the most blessed

of conjunctions —

but Yours was not

a descent destined

to end in decay

and the demolition

of eternal despair

Yours instead

was a breech

of hellish gates

a rout of death

a vanquishment

of corrupting sin

o death, where is your victory?

o death, where is your sting?

death made no reply

in the face

of endless life

and dark was pierced

by pierced hands

that formed

unending light

the Light came

into the darkness

and the darkness had

no ability to understand

only scream and shrink

away, defeated

the Light

was the Life of men

and in the present tense

in the darkness

even in the blackest night

not lit by stars

in the hinterlands

of hope past all

ability to care

even there

the Light is.