old story new

dear nevermind

shall i tell you a story?

it’s about boys and girls

but not about love

and happy endings

well, not yet

but never mind that

it is about endings

poorly written

where the heroines

ran off and left

the heroes high

and dry

or low and stuck

in mud

if you prefer

that symbolism

in other words

a microcosm

of one side

of the universal

drama we all

belong to in which

we are all faithless

is that not

the word i want?

substitute heartless

callous, blind

selfish, strong-willed

spiteful, stupid

stubborn …

any of those

would do

this is a story

of boys and girls

but it’s the story

of me and you

the story of

them and us

because we’re really

not so different

under our skin

did i say there

was an ending


i was wrong


there was an

ending in agony

you lived it

and he lived it

and He died

under it

some details

i might exaggerate

for the sake

of a good story

but not His

He who of all

loved most

died for her

who loved least

and if you say

heartbreak couldn’t

hold Him because

He was most

literally Love

well, yes

that is true

and being Love

He makes all

dead things new

even heartbreak

even me

even you