look what the sun did


this past winter we weren’t Christmasless, as narnia was for so many years, but as cold weather, rain and even snow kept clinging to us, it seemed as though winter might never end.

now it has, and the may flowers brought on by april’s seemingly ceaseless showers are bursting forth all over the place. my mom’s wisteria finally bloomed after four years of merely producing riotous foliage. our potatoes, peas and radishes are thriving, and we spent last saturday planting tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and cucumbers. i forgot to put on sunscreen, and, despite the partially cloudy sky, i got a vibrant sunburn. my back is now as brightly colored as that poppy above (although not as orange).

it is SO GOOD to be warm again, to be able to sleep with the windows open and to run barefoot around the house and yard.

thank you, God, for spring’s annual refreshing of the world that reminds us You are making all things new.