slow save

DSC_0012my generation is one that longs for permanence amid chaos. we might not express it that way or even consciously realize it, but still it’s there, an under-the-surface yearning that shapes our passions and actions.

we grew up in a throw-away culture — nothing’s good unless it’s new; if it breaks pitch it and buy something else. make it happy, bright and shiny and give it to me snappy.

we have not learned to be slow; slowness is a sign of weakness. we have not learned to sit and ponder and simply watch the light change.

we have not been taught to be content with quiet.

and so, in this constant busy state of trying to live tomorrow today, we find an incredible hunger for the yesterday we never knew.

yet we never allow ourselves to fully abandon ourselves to this slowness. the quest for authenticity becomes just another superficial thing, and we defeat our longing to belong.

we save the trees so the children we decide not to have can see them, yet we never suppose that the seat of all this unspoken longing is our soul, and that it is desperately crying out for saving.