the list of things

mourning into dancing

some days when i’m staring off into the middle distance i let my mind wander into daydreaming, and, as i’m imagining things, i think oh! i want to do that someday!

then i go on daydreaming and forget what the thing was.

some things are more important than the daydreaming things and i don’t really forget about them … i just don’t focus on them as much as i should.

so i decided to make a list of all the things i want to do before i die and add to it as i think of more things. some people call this a bucket list, but i think bucket is a funny-sounding word and it conjures up visions of jimmy durante rasping “it’s buried undah a lahrge double-ya” before he breathes his last (and literally kicks a bucket) in “it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.”

some of these things are great and noble, and some of them are mundane. the order in which they appear does not necessarily reflect on their value inherently or their value to me.

without further ado …

the list of things (in progress)

  • hike hadrian’s wall
  • lead someone to Jesus
  • learn more latin
  • learn italian
  • learn welsh
  • really learn how to dance
  • visit india and see the taj mahal
  • visit ireland and see the book of kells
  • row a boat with oars
  • sit at the counter at john’s space age doughnuts and read homer price
  • camp in the grand canyon national park
  • visit the lavender fields in provence
  • get something published
  • camp in acadia national park and watch the sunrise hit cadillac mountain (again)
  • bike across kansas
  • visit the garden of eden (the one in kansas)
  • see the arikaree breaks (in kansas)
  • attend a latin mass
  • stay at a silent convent for a week
  • produce as much of my own food as possible
  • learn how to sew well
  • run a “boarding house” for students and keep a bookshop
  • be associated with a maine coon cat