garden life

i’ve been busy enough with the normal tasks of everyday life lately (in a good way) that i haven’t much felt the energy to sit down and tackle any lengthy public writing. i’m happy to report that the garden is mostly doing very well — in fact, it’s about all i can do to keep up with it on top of everything else. on friday i was making this tomato cobbler for saturday evening’s dinner, so i went out to see if there were any more ripe than what we had sitting on the counter already. i came back in with a shirtful of tomatoes and pockets stuffed with cucumbers. once my new camera battery arrives i’ll have to photograph the pickling cucumbers: the spines are impressive and the vines very painful to try to snap with one’s bare hands.

here, however, are some garden highlights from the past month and a half or so.

garden 6
the peas were prolific. we picked them and ate them, picked them and gave them away, picked and ate more and more and more.

garden 5
they were not only enthusiastic about sending out little shoots every whichaway, but they were also quite tall.

garden 1
the first tomato harvest. sungolds.

garden 4
they’re beautiful even green.

garden 3
this has become a definite favorite and candidate for next year’s garden.

garden 2
dill in bloom.