snapshots from crazy

dear people who read my blog,

i’ve thought of such lovely things to tell you. i’ve thought deep thoughts, shallow thoughts, sad thoughts, happy thoughts … and haven’t had sufficient time to write them down. life is busy. but busy with good things.

so here’s an update on my life lately, according to instagram.

the weather started getting chilly. i’d started wearing flannel in august.

we went to new salem, illinois, where i bought this tiny pipe i will never smoke.

i finished being 25.

so i started being 26. (and had a surprise party, which almost everyone forgot to photograph. but that’s okay — i know it happened.)

my coworker brought me a birthday flower. he is a gardener and grows beautiful things.

i bought lip liner and thought about buying warby parkers.

my nephew, niece and sibling-friends in taiwan sent me birthday greetings!

i decided october was a good month to spend reading scary books. i started “miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children” in the afternoon and finished at 2 in the morning because i was fascinated and terrified and couldn’t put it down.

being cold and sleepy leads to extra drinking of coffee. the barista said he liked my name. he spelled it wrong, but there’s a smiley face, so it evens out. and he was nice, so it’s all good.

another scary book. “the haunting of hill house” took me three days, but it was even more terrifying. i’m 26 and still afraid of things that go bump in the night … if i’ve been reading psychological horror stories long after everyone else is asleep.

i made a cake. it was full of beer. i’m not ashamed of buying beer based on the name and label design.

autumn! candles! leaves! campfires! (why does no one make a perfume that smells like wood smoke and pine needles? am i the only woman who wants to smell like that?)

i knit, very slowly, only long, straight things. (although a project delay of several months was due to a hot summer and a pekingese that chewed the tips of my knitting needles.)

all the things happen at once. that’s probably a rule. so i stay up late working on projects. or writing silly things on my blog. like i am now. oops.

frosty nights are closing in. my coworker this morning graced the ladies of our office with bright autumnal bouquets.

all for now. but more to come! eventually. i promise.