leaves, love


yesterday mist hung heavy and in the night became rain.

when i walked out the door this morning, the porch, the steps, the sidewalk, the driveway and the entire front yard were covered with glistening golden leaves. my little black rabbit shed them like scales as we whirled away to work.

all the trees were shining in the rain, their green and gold and fiery leaves gleaming like gems against darkened trunks.

my heart hovers very near the surface in autumn. the strange, wild beauty of nature’s death dance takes my breath away.

as i hummed over streets spangled with leaves i was reminded that all the gold in the world belongs to God. on days like this you can see how lavishly He loves to spend it. gold was piled in the gutters and fell sparkling through the air.

as prodigal as He is in this, even more extravagant is He in love.

He never holds any of it back. ever. He loves with intentional abandon.

He is prodigal with purpose.

He wants you.

what are you going to do about that?