strange sunrise

i looked out the window
at the perfect moment one morning
to see the sky washed
in raspberry-colored clouds
as the sun conquered the horizon
when i looked back a few minutes later
the blaze had faded
and the naked trees were stark
against a background of gray
brilliance swallowed by gloom

so it was centuries ago
when a Sunrise scripted
before the dawn of time
was delivered in darkness
immutable Light immured
within confines of flesh
infinite energy and finite frailty
yoked in the body of a baby
fully God, but fully human
intimately acquainted
with every aspect
of earthly existence
a strange savior
this helpless infant
the Word incarnate wordless
’til He learned to talk
a warrior Lord
who could not walk
but lay helpless
kicking His legs until
stronger arms could
carry Him
and such a One
was sent to save?
why birth a child
into a grave
in sin-scarred night?
so the humble King
could wake us up again
in Son-kissed light