Grace for Monday

O Thou, God, Maker of Heaven and Earth
Who was before Earth, or Heaven, or Time began,
Who knows the beginning and the end of lightning
and the way of the thunder’s rumble —
Who splashes in the depths of the sea
as if in a puddle —
Who sees the substance of the invisible atom,
the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve —
O Thou, God, Who seest me
Grant me again a heart that wills to be seen and known
by You, Lord Christ, and by my brothers and sisters
Grant me a heart that trusts in You
fully, freshly, and hands to receive the grace
You prodigally pour into this new day
Open my eyes anew, Lord, that I might see
beyond myself, beyond the shadows
into the Source and Sustenance of all things
Grant me that I might walk the path of this day
in the light of Your friendship
trusting not in what my faltering eyes can see
but in that which is to be revealed
Grant me, humble Jesus, the humility of spirit
to accept that Love, all other loves excelling,
which I can never earn nor merit
and fill me once more with wonder
that You dared to die even for me
By the power of Your resurrected, incorruptible
unstoppable life, may I live this day
accepting from Your hand the gifts You choose
to give and recognizing their true nature
Lead me, O Shepherd of my soul
today, and forever