oh papa, our exile is endless
oh papa, we’re sickened and shamed
oh papa, the tyrant’s relentless
oh papa, we know we’re to blame

oh papa, our bones are all groaning
oh papa, we’re sick in the heart
oh papa, like mothers we’re moaning
oh papa, we’re falling apart

oh papa, why do you forsake us?
oh papa, how far can you fly?
oh papa, we cry through the daylight
oh papa, we weep through the night

oh papa, the wolves gather round us
oh papa, the soldiers slay fast
oh papa, the prophets confound us
oh papa, how long will this last?

o daughter, my little and lowly
o daughter, you’ll soon birth a king
o daughter, in peace he will lead you
o daughter, in gladness you’ll sing

o daughter, he never will leave you
o daughter, you’re never alone
o daughter, like a lamb he will guide you
o daughter, he’ll carry you home