there in the black

i like dark nights, virginia said
but all i could picture was gathering dread
and the cloud of gloom hanging over my head
when i should be safe and warm in bed
but was out on the road in the black, instead

i like dark nights in the gathering spring
when the robins returned are starting to sing
and the gusty wind holds barely a sting
and the fledgling bird can test his wings
but out in the black we can’t see a thing

i like dark nights in the summers warm
when the sun has set on the tasseling corn
or the ravenous heat is calmed by a storm
and the world wins safe to another morn
for it’s out in the black that our fear is born

i like dark nights when the stars shine bright
and heaven’s ablaze with the triumph of right
o’er the rack and the ruin of this mortal blight
when the ghosts of nightmare all take to flight
for it’s there in the black that we learn to love light