the body of Christ

what did You look like
Son of God?
isaiah said You wouldn’t
have a comely face
and the grace You gave
wasn’t one of form
or fashion of man
so what did you look like?
the stories never tell

yet i think i’ve seen Your hands:
they look like ladonna’s
bringing love-baked bread
to every rough and tumble neighbor

and i think i’ve seen Your arms:
they look like my mama’s
with the strength to hold the hurting
but tenderly cradle the young

i think i’ve seen Your feet:
they look like clifton’s
eager to carry words of life
to souls bereft of hope

and i think i’ve seen Your legs:
they look like nate’s
wreathed with adoring children
and patiently bearing them all

i think i’ve heard Your voice:
there in dad’s tenor-baritone
in judy’s & rita’s alto counterpoint
in linda’s stratospheric soprano

and i think i’ve seen Your face:
mottled, patchworked, scarred
but with shining love-filled eyes
it’s beautiful, like fenny’s