and to dust

enter into the smell of sweat
the smell of chlorine
the smell of cleansing
behind the banks
of lighted mirrors
shines the white of a shoulder
and the brown of a back
glimmers in the dimmer
safety of the silent lockers

dust you are
and to dust
you will return

saints or strangers
we are all exposed here
behind closed doors
we strip off swimsuits
sports shoes
and avert our eyes
from the starkness
of our elemental selves

bone of bone
flesh of flesh
daughters of eve

sisters, lovers
mothers, hurriedly
we stand, strain
stumble our way
back into our clothes
afraid of our own flesh
and the humanity written
in the lines of every sag
every wrinkle, every scar

what is mortal
must be clothed
with immortality

and so
we rehearse
our resurrection