the trouble with poetry (& poets)

billy (bless him) says
the trouble with poetry
is that it inspires the writing
of more poetry —
begets more poets —
urges him (with his
bald forehead and
tufty fringe of hair)
to the writing of
but for myself
merely the reader
this is no trouble at all —
except for the fact
that it also sets stirring
thoughts and inspirations
and pretty-paired words
that inevitably end up
working their way into
now i (and my lid of
dark square hair —
an image, i will add
that i borrowed from
ange mlinko) am no billy
and my sentences
scarcely sing with
the simplicity he somehow
always manages to evoke.
peter (who you may not know)
says the trouble with poets
is they talk too much —
with which i, uneasily
laying claim to the title
would tend to agree —
and yet here he is
writing songs, which
we all know are
secretly just