wonder-wrapt, she walked the rocky road as
it wound its way between the hills to a stone house
tucked between the trees. how familiar it all was–oh, but
here also the miraculous had made itself known!
who would have looked for such a thing? the woman,
old and barren; the virgin, young and innocent —
now both wombs filled with sons of promise.
dear zechariah! dear elizabeth! she called out, and
even as the greeting was on her lips, there from the house
rushed her cousin, stomach swelling, radiant face
uplifted in ecstatic welcome. blessed, blessed, blessed!
pressed into a tight embrace, mary felt the flutter
of the babe in the woman’s womb as he leaped for joy.
now all generations will call me blessed, she whispered. for He
Who is mighty has done great things for me; holy is His name!
oh, God my Savior!
her voice trembled in awe, surely
no one is like You, Who satisfies the hungry with Your goodness.
down fall the mighty from their thrones, and there You
exalt those who are humble. You have been our help; You will
remember Abraham’s offspring in mercy forever.