genius is subjective

i applied for graduation today.  it was a strange feeling, seeing as how this is only my third semester at this college, but it’s also my next-to-last.

the advisor told her employee-in-training “she’s a classic example of a student who graduates in four semesters after transferring from community college.  i remember that first day in orientation, she knew what three-by-threes were and which she was doing.  you [referring to me] were the first one out of there, weren’t you?”

i honestly couldn’t remember, so i just said “well, maybe not the first.  but i’d been thinking about it since 10th grade.”

and she was moderately astonished.

in retrospect, i shouldn’t have said that last sentence to her.  not everyone decides a course of collegiate action in 10th grade.  either that, or i should have told her that, after i took my first reporting class, i strongly considered changing my major because i discovered that reporting was stressful and you had to talk to people.

but i made it through two semesters of stress and talking to people.  now the only people i have to talk to are the reporters who’ve written the articles, and usually the only stress i endure is when i can’t find the sequence-of-tense mistake or have a hard time writing headlines.

but really, i think “smart” is subjective.  anyone could do what i did.  and i’m sure a lot of people do.  i’ve been taught how to learn, that’s all.  that’s why i can.