… or something like it

i was educated last night.

about bad breakups, clingy boy/girlfriends, inter-gender relationships, stds and how many different variations there can be on the same very bad pun.

during some of this time i was working (or trying to), but when i finished i just sat on my swively chair, arms clasped around my knees, and listened.

the only breakups i knew about were my cousin’s.  it was interesting to hear how other people deal with their relationships.  it was definitely not a “flood of raw emotion,” for which i am very thankful, but my colleagues were being honest about love (or something like it).

i wonder what they’d think if i told them my views?  about how i want to be the old people holding hands in the park, wrinkly and deaf and grey-headed, but even more in love than when they were young and newly-smitten.

i know life isn’t perfect.  i don’t always live in my grey bubble of surreality, after all.

because that’s one thing i can say about education.  it leaves few bubbles unpopped.