me: Ehm.11:35 PM Maybe I’ll stick with my original plan and correct other people’s mistakes all my life.

 friend: sounds blecky

11:36 PM me: Not if you happen to enjoy it.

  Which I ususally do.

  As long as the mistakes are contained in writing, that is.

 friend: yes



11:37 PM   me: And I will write poetry on my weekends and keep a cat and not dye my hair when it goes gray.

  And drink a lot of tea while wearing Birkenstock clogs.

11:38 PM friend: yay

  that sounds good

11:39 PM very good

  i like

 me: And maybe eventually I’ll drive a Volkswagon Rabbit.

11:40 PM And generally become one of the lovely, dusty-looking people one finds in English departments. :)

11:41 PM friend: yes

  sounds rather attractive

  i might have to look into that

11:42 PM me: Yes, in an odd way, it sounds very enjoyable.

have you ever imagined what you’d look like in 20 years?  30?  40?

in 40 years i’ll be sixty.

if i never marry, i think i’d like my life to look something like the one i described above.