planned adventures are like canned laughter

if there’s one thing i hate about sitcoms, it’s the canned laugh tracks.  for one thing, it dictates to the viewer what he or she is supposed to find funny.  it also disrupts the flow of the dialogue.  furthermore, all the laughter is the same.  after awhile, you know what to expect.  the comedian will deliver another un-funny joke, which will be answered by laughter that isn’t a genuine reaction to the joke.  it’s boring.

well, so are planned and predictable adventures, in my opinion.  actually, if something is planned and predictable, i don’t think it would even qualify as an adventure.

last friday, a predictable activity turned into an unplanned adventure.   we were going to go to the nelson-atkins for a free symphony concert.  we started out having dinner at another event, and then, gradually and slowly, made our way to the nelson.  well, by the time we actually got there, the concert was over and the museum was closing in 5 minutes.  we left, then stood outside in the cold for a while, and then the guys began jumping over the shrubberies as if they were horses in a steeplechase.  actually, i guess saru joined in the horseplay, as well.  gracie and i moseyed slowly down the greensward and eventually caught up with our friends.

once we were there, charlie brown engaged in some irish jigging and i joined in with an attempt at hopscotch skipping.  just to let you know, i hop horribly.  after that was over with, picasso formed a parliament under his leadership and gave us all parliamentary positions.  i was the army and the female speaker.  the decision before us was whether to return to the house from which we had come earlier, or whether to adjourn to a nearby coffeeshop.  after much hemming and hawing, and picasso’s resignation in disgust at our indecision, we decided to go to scooters coffeehouse.  when we got there, almost all the seats were filled, so we huddled and decided to go to the starbucks, instead.  en route to the starbucks, we decided to go to the starbucks in the barnes and noble bookstore.  of course, when you put six book-lovers in a four-story bookstore, coffee is not the first thing on their minds.  i wandered off and discovered manalive, an intriguing-sounding book by g.k. chesterton.  friends kimmi di and strawberry sunshine located us in the children’s section, and we read aloud from fox in socksthe fox ran out on a chilly night, and amelia bedelia.

at this point in the night, the bookstore was about to close, so we went back to the  parking garage to discuss our next moves.  because michaelangelo, charlie brown, saru, kimmi di and strawberry sunshine took such a long time discussing nothing by kimmi di’s jeep, picasso started singing gregorian chants imploring them to hurry up.  saru came over and puts wigs on gracie and i, and picasso discovered that my coat was buttoned up the wrong way.  a security guard came into the garage and told us to go home.  so we left the garage.  gracie went home, kimmi di and strawberry sunshine went off to have more adventures with other friends, and the rest of us piled into the itty bitty sports car belonging to picasso, saru and strawberry sunshine’s brother.  i tried to scoot my seat up to allow the kids in the back some more legroom, but this caused the seat to shoot forward and backward for the rest of the ride.  on the way we talked to charlie brown’s brother and little sister over speaker phone, and hung on for dear life as michaelangelo made many sudden turns.

once we returned charlie brown and michaelangelo to their vehicles, picasso and i realized neither of us knew how to get home.  it would usually take 25 to 30 minutes to get home from where we were, but this time it was closer to an hour.  of course, we did stop at sonic in order to pick up some late-night ice cream goodness.  saru went with her old standard of a cocoanut cream pie shake, and picasso and i were happy to find that sonic now has coffee ice cream.

on the way home (which took a while, and took us to places i don’t think i’d ever been before), i learned that the story of picasso’s life was like a cd he’d replaced on the car’s dashboard only moments after it had fallen off.  by the time i was actually returned to my house it was after midnight, and i was about ready to fall asleep.  but the evening had been very fun, on the whole.  i love unplanned adventures.