grin until you split

dear ladies and gentlemen,

finals are over.  oh, what a blessed relief that is.  finals are over and i don’t start on my final semester at good ol’ ku ’til the 17th of january.  amazing, isn’t it?  yes.  so i’m going to talk about being happy.

among all the things i’ve learned this semester, not taking happiness for granted is probably one of the most important.  and no, i don’t mean the “oh my gosh, nothing is wrong with the world, i have blonde highlights and my favorite color ever is pink!!!” kind of happy.  somehow i have trouble believing that those people are actually happy in their everlasting blonde-and-pinkness.  anyway.  the kind of happy i’m talking about is where you know things are going wrong, both in the world and in your life, but then you remember just how much is going right because you have the most wonderful Daddy in the entire universe (who, coincidentally, also created the universe).

and when you remember who your Daddy is (as corny as that sounds), then it doesn’t matter which of your friends aren’t speaking to each other, and you forget to be jealous because this one guy might like this one girl more than he likes you, and then the catty comments and bombed tests and heartache and tears go flying out the window and out of sight.

and you can’t stop smiling.

have you ever felt that way?  i hope you have, or that you eventually work up to it, because it is seriously a great feeling.  knowing that everything is in hands so much bigger and stronger than yours.  and than He works everything out for your good (eventually) because He loves you and you love Him.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is in times such as these when you can’t stop smiling.

so you grin until you split.