what she wanted

what did she want?

she laughed

but she thought about it

and finally decided

she wanted him to be tallish

but not too tall

and not skinny

but not fat

with brown hair

and green eyes

and freckles on his nose

she wanted him to wear corduroy blazers

wool sweaters

and button shirts with the sleeves rolled up

she hoped he wore glasses

but would sometimes let her

take them off of his face

and then they’d stare at each other


vision slightly fuzzy

not noticing the rest of the world

flying by

she hoped he could make her laugh

would blend his voice with hers

and not mind her occasional

sour note

she wanted him to be strong

and kind

and brave

and more in love with

their Father

than with her

she wanted him

to have a big heart

that loved children

and wept for the hurting

she wanted him to understand

her fascination with words

and books

and the things of long ago

but she wanted him to

make her interested in

his interests as well

she didn’t want a perfect man

because she knew she wasn’t a

perfect woman

and no one was perfect here


she just wanted a real man

an ordinary man

whose eyes crinkled when he laughed

whose chin got scruffy by bedtime

a man who would love her

just as much as she loved him

and would grow old with her

and not mind gray hairs

crow’s feet or palsied hands

and would stay with her to the end

yes, she thought

that was what she wanted