memoirs of a pneumoniac

oh, what wonderful ideas i had for the rest of my winter break.

and then, the day before new year’s, i got sick.

and then developed pneumonia.

so here i am, at home, convalescing, three days before school starts again.

i have to say, God sure doesn’t think the same way i do sometimes.  here all my friends got excited and started acting on plans God had brought to their minds.  and there i was, house-bound, forced to sit and simply wait, because i didn’t have enough breath to do anything else.

do you know how hard it is sometimes to wait, especially when you can’t physically do anything?

but God and i had some good discussions at four o’clock in the morning when i couldn’t sleep.  charlie brown  had said we needed community in our church.

so that got me to thinking — what exactly does community look like?  and i’ve had some interesting ideas.  but that’s all for now.  i have a stack of agatha christie mysteries to get through before school starts at eight o’clock thursday morning.