sean song

hello …

i’m sorry —

i guess i’ll have to speak

to you from this side

of the locking doors.

there are no lighted windows

26 miles from chicago.

just a brick window

behind which i’m hiding.

happy new year.

today is january second.

if i get through the spring,

summer’s coming.

maybe in pastures new

grow roses never red.

creeping beauty now on ice.

i guess i’ll add this to my pile

of letters never sent.

the sound of my crush

is no longer appealing

because i’m thinking of

somebody more like you.

i feel like i’m playing

chutes & ladders

with blinders on.

it’s not that bad, i guess.

i say nothing

as i drink coffee on the carousel.

they come to take it away —

i’m a run away girl.

it’s not as though i want

to starve them to death.

i feel nostaligc today.

let it fall.

               … goodbye