thoughts of today

tread softly down the stairs

don’t make a sound

he’ll find you if you do

and you wouldn’t want that

(although you would).

how low athena

and her winged companion goddess

have been brought.

down to shoe-level, actually.

i definitely smell petrol.

where’s it hiding on me?

a tea-totaller —

green tea permeates our lives now.

it’s even in my toothpaste.

time was that there they crafted

marble monuments for

the glorious dead.

now it’s just barely

the nice side of a greasy spoon

in a one stoplight town.

and i thought i wrote novels

when i wrote letters.

how much is too much

to say about life and observations?

beards are funny.

swallows fly into the

flaming raspberry sky.

this ain’t no

louisiana sunday afternoon.

rather a frigid kansas morning

too early for decent nightowls

to be awake.

the sunrise makes up for it.

i want to run barefoot

through the green grass.

too bad it’s dead.