to tomorrow, from yesterday

here i am — sitting and writing a letter to the first day of the rest of my life

sitting and writing and dreaming and hoping and wondering

i can’t see you clearly because this end of the future has cataracts and astigmatism

but even if i had second sight i wouldn’t use it to solve the mystery so soon

i was born very young and there was ever only me in the reality beyond wishes

there were three pairs of hazel eyes and three hearts full of love and life and laughter

although tears and heartache took their appointed turns at bat

there were little black dogs and little girl schemes and games and imaginings

adventures unsought found their way to the steps of the only house i remembered

trees grew and died, flowers bloomed and froze, grass greened and browned through twenty years

sometimes there were trips to hospital, other times to the fatherland and the native mother sod

pieces of heart were lost to a teutonic holy house and a celtic pagan hilltop where bits of soul were awakened

there was music and there were words, first tentative and shy, then triumphant and strong and unstoppable

and there i waited and learned to wait and await still the realization of more dreams than just my own

in the house of music and laughter and love and tears and words spoken and unuttered but felt

today is tomorrow’s yesterday, and i am happy as the grass is green in the park of peace

one day regardless of time there will be you, and there will be me, and there will be the rest of our lives

we will sit and write and hope and dream and wonder as we slip through to the life beyond the darkened glass