invitation to conversation

good evening —

   might i inquire of you the whys and whererfores of your existence?
              i am curious as to your rhymes and reasons and wish for
                   what had been your fruitbasket originally
                           was turned inside out by fate’s pick
of adjectives and nouns.
                 the time will come for pomp and circumstance
                                       but first process down the aisle of your mind
                     grave cabbages and kings wearing shoes of ships and sealing wax.
nonsense will tonight be required of your soul.
                     each other’s imaginations will we delve
                                     and put on trial
                                  like diamonds in the dock.
          an amiable absurdity for an aftercourse shall we dissect and devour.

                                                          yours, etc.,
                                        she who gives no explanations