in the rain

tonight it is supposed to storm again.

maybe it is already, but my music masks

the patter of raindrops, and all the hint

i hear is the occasional rumble of thunder.

on tuesday i drove through a downpour

and at a red light prayed to God to be

spared from the indignity of death by

lightning in the intersection next to

7-eleven. the rain fell and the wind

blew and we thought that maybe a

hurricane had come to kansas. the

lightning lit up the sky until the wee

sma’s of the morning and my sleep

was restless. i want to be outside

now, running through the darkness

and the dampness, smelling the

dust and the rain on the air and

savouring the dispelled humidity.

my soul is no longer stormy, but

my joy longs to be unleashed in

the passion and fury of the storm.

but it is late, and dark, i am a girl,

and there are tornado watches. i

want to be in the rain right now, but

the hopeless romantic must yield

to the weatherman’s warnings. such

a pity it is, too, to waste the lovely rain.