4th family finding

since the city fathers deigned to outlaw fireworks

on the fourth of july (or any time at all)

we have taken to going relative-hunting

and so we tramped through the woods

looking for three stones on the edge of a

golf course, crashing through the undergrowth

weeds and trees in our quest for origins

when we came upon the monuments we

laid flowers down in front, trying to read

the now-weathered carvings telling names

and births and deaths.  this is the way of

littlepeace, we said, to always go on an

adventure that others would find absurb

illogical or morbid, but which we find

delightful.  and so it is, and so i love

cemetaries and honouring the dead of

ages past.  it is not a pasttime macabre

by any means, but one that ties me to

times and people past.  the only part i

did not care to repeat was finding deer

ticks embedded in my flesh afterward.

to honour one’s ancestors, however, one

must be willing to risk personal comforts

in the name of tradition and adventure