love you how

algernon:  i love you madly, passionately, devotedly — hopelessly!

                                 — oscar wilde, the importance of being earnest

my dear, i agree with wilde’s sweet cecily

that hopelessly is rather not the right word

shall i be like othello, loving not wisely but

too well?  or like the duke of orsino, so sick

of olivia’s rejections that he desired excess

of melody in order to kill the thing, his love?

high literature and music hold scores of

star-crossed lovers up for public adoration —

but ill-fated tragedy is not my style.  on the

day you take my hands for eternity, kissing

my fingers with the glittering, infinite band,

my heart shall at last sing its song for you:

i love you wisely and also well — sanely,

passionately, devotedly, hopefully, my love

growing with each note of harmony swelling

in my heart, the reasons for loving you more

inexplicable and mysterious than the stars

this is not a question of giving back double

what i was given and then separating at trouble

but instead a union so complete as to make

removal or dissolution impossible beyond death

this is how i will love you, not in the words of

the greatest poets and playwrights our world has

known, but in simple, straightforward truths.