true lies

if you love him

just say so

truth becomes you

so much better

than lies or subtle evasions

will you be honest

with me for once?

i’m slowly being poisoned

through my life-blood

and i don’t know

how much more i can take

don’t dismiss me

with a wave of your hand

and a condescending word

i can handle the truth

but i won’t be walked over

if he loves you

i understand

just tell me

i’m tired of not

being able to trust you

i’m sick of doubting

i feel like you’ve locked

me outside your walls

and drawn the shutters

over your eyes

i’m not going to go along

this time pretending it’s okay

it’s not

i’ll be your bridesmaid

and dance at your wedding

with a feather-light heart

if that’s what will happen

just look me in the eye

this time