benedick darcy

understand each other

men and women never will on earth

convince me you cannot

that romeo and juliet’s enraptured romance

was in any way beautiful

considering romeo fell out

of what he fancied love

at his first glance of juliet

and promptly fell in it again

paying homage at her shrine

they were met, married and buried

within the week

is that sane?  is that love?

please don’t quote the balcony scene

at me

i memorized it when i was eight

jane and mr. bingley were too

perfect to be entirely believable

in their tiresome deluge of

sweetness and light and good humour

it is not natural to always agree

oh for a benedick darcy!

a man loyal and good

underneath his obvious

human flaws or pure cussedness

someone with whom one

can trade sarcastic barbs

and mocking jests

yet who can admit his wrongs

when he has them and holds

you to admit yours as well

someone not given to superfluity

of words, rather making each

count as though it were ten

odd pieces of wit could be broken

upon him yet he would be unruffled

the heroes in books are always

a girl’s ideals in some way

is that combination too perfect to wish for?