forward and backward

up and down and inside out i’ve run away

regretting decisions unwise and unpondered

em tegrof dna evigrof ot eganam uoy dluoc

tluciffid taht eb yllaer ti dluow

let go

oh please i don’t want to be rude

never intrude on a place where i don’t belong

that’s what i’m slowly learning

noitanigami rouy ni ereht gnoleb tn’did i dna

erutuf ruoy ni gnoleb tn’did i on

pangea pangea

continents collide and divide

time wounds all heals all wounds

revo ylraen ton si efil ruoy

gninnigeb eht fo dne eht ylerem si siht

dne eht fo gninnigeb eht ton

no more green buttons in between

ereht naht rehtar ereh si gnoleb i erehwemos eht

no more going backward looking behind

have to go on keep running forward

gertrude stole all my commas


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