the impossibility of originality

have i ever thought something that hasn’t been thought

before by constellations of generations long-since mould

and ashes sunk in the ground or caught up by the wind

are my nightmares in daylight of girls with kaleidoscope eyes

and is hell the place where men have to quiet all the sobbing

babies and clean up the runny mustard crocks whilst women

are forced to sit on their hands clench their teeth doing nothing

has one unique idea ever pierced the binding net of what

psychologists and freudian slips call our collective consciousness

in order to swim in space while the planets sing and ring

around like metal bocce balls with eternal ethereal orbits

have you ever before thought these lines that you are now

reading which have supposedly been thought and written by me

how can we say something hasn’t happened before when

there was obviously nothing new under the sun even in

solomon’s day back when the world was millenia younger

if you have a time machine hidden in your back pocket please

pull it out and prove to me conclusively that these lines

have never been written before and that they found their

origin in me anno domini 2008 30 juli my 21 year under the


can you?

that’s not

my story