haunting questions

what does the world look like to ghosts?

assuming, of course, that there are such things.

do they hide from the daylight and stay in the shadows?

can they see and feel color, or has their world become on of blacks and whites and glitter greys?

to whom do they choose to show themselves, or is it a matter of choice?

perhaps for some humans and in some locales the barrier between now and eternity is frail and permeable.


2 thoughts on “haunting questions

  1. roamingdog says:

    That’s an easy question. Let me ask you a really hard one. Ready? What does the world look like to humans? How about that.

    Try to answer it.

    You don’t know. You know how you see the world at this moment and you BELIEVE you know how others see it. You ASSUME they see it roughly the same as you, don’t you? Or you ask them to tell you, and when they tell you, you ASSUME you understand what their words mean.

    At the ultimate level of questioning convention is a game of mind.

    This makes it easy to see what ghosts see. Ghosts see whatever you think they see. If this becomes a widely shared concerns, then people will come to an agreement about what ghosts see.

    And still no one can know beyond doubt what anyone sees, neither ghosts nor humans.

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