the saga of the rubberbands

no one's shooting at us.

yay, no one’s shooting at us.

i suppose it’s charlie brown’s fault, really.  after all, he’s the one who gave me the package of rubberbands as part of my 84th birthday gift (i gave him some charlie brown things, naturally).  and it was perfect timing, too, since i’d scoured all the drawers in my cube only to find nary a rubberband.  a telephone, yes, empty slide film holders, yes, but no rubberbands.  not that i really use them for anything at work, anyway, but i wanted to pull my hair back out of my face.

so charlie brown gave me this bag of rubberbands.  and, as i related in the previous post, i tried to shoot one and failed miserably.  ashley, one of the girls with whom i work, very kindly took pity on me and taught me how to shoot them with high accuracy and force.

i, in turn, taught susan, our free spirit, how to shoot rubberbands the way ashley’d shown me.  susan threatened to shoot chuck but mercifully didn’t.  then chuck threatened to shoot susan.  it’s quite fun to hear the random comments the other guys in the office will make about all the rubberbands.

i hope we’ll have a full-out rubberband war one of these days.  that would be priceless.

so thank you, charlie brown, for your marvelous gift to me of rubberbands.  my work week would have much less levity without them.  :)