welcome to barefoot in pinstripes

toeswhy barefoot?  and why pinstripes?  good questions — glad you asked (or didn’t, but i’m going to pretend you did).

last year i fell into the lap of the phenomenon known as the “working world.”  here i was, at the tender age of 20, in my first job and having to get used to wearing dress pants and calling my boss by his first name.  it’s a bit of a jolt when your default peer group is no longer necessarily 18- to 23-year-old college students and instead is 23- to 50+ -year-old professionals.  suddenly you find yourself an adult in an adult world with adult expectations and commitments, and you might start wondering, “holy cow, how do i balance work with life?”

that’s what barefoot in pinstripes is all about.  life, love, work, play, death and taxes for the 20-somethings out there in the business world who don’t want to lose their sense of childhood (or at least youthfulness) all at once. 

so — pinstripes.  the classic, default wear-to-work pants.  bare feet?  a symbol of  carefree childhood and the authoress’ preferred state of foot-being. 

and there you have it.