random postage

high time for an update, methinks. 

there’ve been several times in the past month where i’ve thought, man, i should really blog about this when i get home from work — or wherever i happened to be at the time.  but then when i get home i feel tired and too unmotivated to be creative.

good excuse, huh?  :)  i knew you’d think so. 

anyway, here i am, blogging, only for once i don’t really have anything much to say. 

sara watkins, formerly of nickel creek (one of my all time-favorite bands) is releasing her first solo album april 7, which is exciting.  problem, though, is that i don’t know if i like her voice well enough on its own to buy a whole cd of her.  guess i’ll have to listen to the samples on her web site a while and then decide — but i do like her version of “give me Jesus.”

okay, i’m off to perform my daily ablutions.  nighty-night.