of tears, twitter and (chocolate) temptations

from the bookshelves:

a midsummer night’s dream, by william shakespeare

today threatened to be one of those days.  you know the kind — where everything that possibly could go wrong does, anything you do all of the sudden takes forever, and you get frustrated and worked up to the point that, darn fergie, you’re just going to go ahead and cry, despite being a big girl, a working woman and all that jazz.

but thankfully it didn’t.  my boss made a suggestion that averted much annoyance and ended up saving my day.  i love it when God shows me He loves me by answering my tiny prayers. 

you might have noticed that there’s now a twitter widget on the lower-right part of the blog.  i’m still getting used to twitter and i’m not exactly sure what the point of it is, but i’m hoping it will enable me to provide at least thought updates when i’m too busy, tired or lazy to sit down and tap out a whole post.

so, if you’ve checked out the tweet box now, out of sheer curiousity, you might see something about christopher elbow chocolate.  i went to dean and deluca tonight in quest of some nice, special chocolate i could give as a thank-you gift.  i found it in the private label chocolate bars (aka the nice but less-expensive stuff), but the bars on the row above those caught my eye.  maybe it’s because christopher is one of my favorite man-names, or maybe because elbows are funny (humerous, you know), because we’d recently discussed at work the possibility of putting pop rocks in chocolate chip cookies  … or maybe just because i haven’t had any chocolate since lent.  anyway!  i was enchanted and amused, and purchased the no. 6 dark rocks bar, which contains — you guessed it — “popping candy.”  now that’s the kind of quirkiness that earns my seal of approval. 

christopher elbow chocolates are sold at au marche in lawrence, kansas, which is one of my favorite stores, and also at an elbow boutique store in kansas city as well as at dean and deluca.  okay, and in obvious places like new york, too, but that’s kind of a ways to drive for chocolate.