life redacted

please don’t think i have neglected you, dear very small group of readers, out of pique or writer’s block.  no, it’s actually been because of faulty/nonexistent wi-fi.  *sigh*

so, instead of writing a huge long post about any one topic, i’ll just do a recap of my mind from the past couple of weeks with the clever post titles i’d thought out.

green peeves

in honour of earth day.  i can’t recycle every single plastic thing i own, and recycling glass is even more difficult.  this annoys me to no end and makes me yearn for the mandatory obsessive-compulsive national recycling program germany has.

april flowers bring wedding showers

i’m planning a wedding shower for my very, very good friend kimchi.  right now i’m trying to decide how many sinus passages i can possibly annoy if i happen to light at least five scented candles all in the same room with about 25-30 people … and if it’s worth it. 


after much deliberation and prevaricating ’round the shrubberies, i’ve decided to buy the nikon d40 for my first dslr.  it would be really super awesome to get the d80, but i figured if i bought the d40 i could just about buy the latest version of photoshop with the difference in price.  and my current version of photoshop is really, really old (ps 7.0).

a grand day out

strawberry sunshine and i took strawberry’s sister saru for a grand day (and evening) out in honour of her 16th birthday … which was in january.  hey, we’re busy people.  we went to first fridays to start of the evening, making sure that we were sufficiently caffeinated at starbucks beforehand, then we went home, put on our jammies, popped popcorn and watched just like heaven, which happens to be one of my favorite chick-flicks. 

the next day we ate pancakes, made guacamole, and walked around the plaza alternately admiring and coveting the things we saw.  then strawberry studied for her microbiology final whilst saru and i walked to the nelson-atkins museum of art, carefully avoiding the parade of people in favor of legalizing pot.  after a good deal of walking around the nelson, and debating what we saw in a jackson pollack painting, saru and i met up with strawberry to consume our guacamole with silva’s tortilla chips and some grapefruit izze.  we read aloud from james thurber, ogden nash, t.s. eliot (old possum) and shel silverstein.  after that we went to coldstone creamery and ate much too much tasty ice cream.

oh the agony

we’re getting our house repainted.  the upside to this is that we’ve needed to repaint for at least two years now and are finally doing it.  the downside is that we have to choose a color by tonight, and we’re not agreeing very easily this time around.  oh well — it’s my parents’ house, so i’ll go along with whatever colour they choose.  but it better look nice.  ;)

that’s all for now, folks — look for more regular posts to come soon, providing my wi-fi decides to work.