then you were dead

spring brings green-hued hailstorms

and white legs shining like sun-bleached bones

no one’s at home for you today

even when your book of memory tell you otherwise

she never lies, lady luck

though you close your eyes in sleep under golden fields

and time makes her brave

and time is a slave

summer shows trees greening wickedly

and white eyes rolling in sun-scoured skulls

no one’s alive to you today

even when the faded words you keep write you so

she always knows, lady fate

though you drown your eyes in tears under golden rain

for time makes her brave

whilst time digs its grave

autumn usurps green young folly

and white souls shimmering find sun-blest peace

no one could hurt you this way

even when your scars throb in remembrance

she won’t sing, lady love

though you burn your eyes with golden twilight

but time makes her brave

and she’s not your slave